Couples counseling

Discover and change the negative patterns in your relationship. Move toward safe and secure functioning and experience the benefits of a deeply satisfying connection.

Although I have training in specific therapeutic modalities, my approach is integrative and eclectic. I use a variety of interventions from various schools of thought depending on the unique needs of each couple.

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my approach

The work

"I have come to believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives." - Esther Perel

In my work I focus on developing relational wellbeing by improving your relationship with yourself, your partner or another important person in your life. Healthy relationships and human connections have the ability to heal and transform. 

Each person has unique needs and so my work is much like a tailor's; I look for what fits best for you in the moment. 

Sometimes this means helping you get in touch with your emotions or becoming more aware of your body.

Other times we focus on helping you think about yourself with kindness and challenge old beliefs. 


Therapy Packages

You might be interested in intensive treatment. I offer longer appointment times for EMDR and couples sessions.

90 minute sessions—private pay rate
2 hour sessions—private pay rate


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
I offer 90 minute EMDR sessions for a private pay rate.


Emotionally focused therapy
I offer 90 minute couples sessions for a private pay rate.


Psychobiological approach to couple therapy
I offer 2 hour couples sessions for a private pay rate