My work focuses on trauma healing and relational health. I will help you discover unhelpful patterns and learn a new kind of relating. Together we create a new pathway toward a better quality of life.  

Using attachment theory, somatic- and emotion-focused models such as EMDR, EFT and PACT, I will guide you toward healing and relational well being.

Just as the body is programmed to heal physical pain, the brain is programmed to heal emotional pain. 

I'd love to help you create meaningful change in your life!

Hi, i'm Ingrid

EMDR Therapy

Heal from the emotional distress caused by painful life experiences by activating the body's natural ability to heal.  

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eft & pact

Repattern the emotional experiences with your partner and learn  to move toward safety, security and satisfaction. 

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I use innovative and proven therapies to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges.   

clinical supervision

supervision & consultation

I provide clinical supervision for registered interns, clinical consultation for licensed professionals and professional consultation and coaching.